Smoke & Fire Damage

Smoke & Fire Damage

Structural Damage and Contents Damage

Whether home or office, fire damage can be devastating. There are many things to consider after all has been declared safe and sound. The actual fire and smoke damage to the structure must be evaluated for its potential for restoration. Then there is the property damage to the contents as well. United Drying’s certified fire damage restoration technicians will evaluate the structure and contents in order to formulate the best plan to return your structure to its pre-loss condition.


House Fire



Pack Out and Storage

United Drying’s technicians will pack out and inventory all contents deemed cleanable, restorable or undamaged for off-site cleaning, restoration and storage. For those items deemed not restorable, but are considered irreplaceable, United Drying will make every attempt to restore them to their previous condition.

Fire and Smoke Remediation

Debris Removal

As with any disaster, there is going to be a lot of clean up involved before restoration can begin. United Drying will take care of all debris removal and site clean up throughout the project.

Recovery through Restoration

United Drying’s certified restorers are the most qualified responders to fire damage. Through education, experience and advanced technological solutions, the damage is controlled for safety and then methodically restored to its original condition. These methods incorporate the commitment to the most effective and cost efficient damage recovery possible.

24 hour emergency services

  • On site within hours of receiving contact
  • Expert certified fire damage full service recovery
  • Certified restorers – water damage
  • Certified Mold inspection – mold removal
  • Contents recovery and restoration
  • Document restoration
  • Technology recovery and restoration
  • Insurance claim adjuster coordination

Repair and Reconstruction

United Drying will save and restore as much of the structure and contents as possible. However, some portion of the structure and contents may not be restorable and will have to be reconstructed. United Drying will act as your contractor to coordinate everything from demolition to drywall to painting and trim work. Throughout this process United Drying will work with your insurance adjuster to ensure that your structure is returned as close to its pre-loss condition as possible.

Fire DamageSmoke Odor and Soot Removal

After the smoke clears there will be a layer of soot covering everything, this requires careful and meticulous cleaning. United Drying’s technicians will use the chemical sponges and liquid solvents to remove any and all soot residues from the structure and its contents. Then your next step is to adress the odor problem. As with any fire, the odor that remains afterwards can be especially unpleasant. United Drying uses Ozone Machines and Thermal Foggers to eliminate any odors in the structure and on the contents.

Water Damage, Corrosion and Mold prevention

When a fire has taken place in an office building or a home, some form of water has been used to suppress it and put out the fire. In offices it is common for a sprinkler system to be in place in order to reduce the loss from the actual fire. Normally that means contents of the room and structure have been drenched.

The clock starts ticking the second the fire is out, excess water must be removed and the drying process must begin immediately to mitigate water damage. Corrosion and mold become the next problem to immediately address. Corrosion can occur when soot from smoke reacts with residual moisture from the water used to fight the fire. Left untreated the resulting acids will continue to damage the structure. Mold damage is another serious issue and is increasingly being focused on as a dangerous health hazard. Recovery efforts must start immediately to mitigate water damage, prevent mold growth and facilitate a quick and thorough fire damage cleanup.