Water & Flood Damage

Water & Flood Damage

Water Damage Cleanup in Summit County

Restore it without reconstructing it

When it comes to a thorough and complete restorative drying process, specialized equipment combined with the extensive training and experience of A Kinder Carpet / United Drying’s certified restoration experts are the elements necessary to prevent the health hazards that result from extensive flood and water damage. This restoration method is effective and cost efficient.

Nothing will prevent the environment from becoming hazardous if extensive water or flood damage has impacted a property and too much time passes allowing for things to get out of hand. Time to dry is key. If for some reason that is not possible due to circumstances beyond our control, like a serious hurricane or catastrophe, efforts must then be directed towards Mold Remediation and Mold Removal.

Why should you take immediate action with water damage?

  • Interior FloodWater is a powerful solvent that can dissolve or deteriorate almost any substance.
  • Water is not stationary; it will migrate up walls or across floors and cause further damage before it dries.
  • Mold or fungi can begin growing within three days in a moist environment. Even a small flood or water leak can take weeks to completely dry without the speed of a de-humidification and air movement system.
  • The longer water saturates sheet rock or particle board, the more likely it is to rot.
  • The longer water saturates hard wood, the more likely it is to permanently warp.
  • Watermarks are more likely to remain on some materials like sheet rock, cotton and other natural fibers, and some synthetic cloth the longer the drying process takes.
  • Bottom line, water is a powerful element that can cause a great deal of damage in a short amount of time to a home or office and its contents.


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