For more than 20 years A Kinder Carpet has been helping people in, and around, Summit County. A Kinder Carpet has won the “Best of Summit Award” for the past 10 years!

“My first encounter with A Kinder Carpet / United Drying was by chance. A huge plumbing main flooded our new hospital. I called United Drying. That experience sealed the deal.  I now have them on speed dial,  and have used them in subsequent ‘mishaps’. Their response time is great. Their knowledge is great. I trust them to do the right thing, and they do. Their efforts.. have definitely mitigated any further or future damages. I consider them a partner,  an augmentation of my staff.  We do the best we can, but when we need help,  A Kinder Carpet / United Drying really has come through for us… (also) when I need my carpet cleaned at home I call A Kinder Carpet / United Drying.

– Jerry McFarland, Facilities Director, St. Anthony Summit Medical Center

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